Transforming lives
that change the world.

Terika Smith Ministries

We are a ministry of movers and shakers.  A ministry of dare to jump, dare to believe,  and dare to know that if God calls you He will equip you for His glory.  TSM was the response of our founder, Dr. Terika Smith, to unite the ministries that make us all so unique in the New England Region.  We are a combination of educators, entrepreneurs, ministers, visionaries and more who are surrendered to hearing from God on our mission to impact our region.  Our founder, a former educator and now pastor, conference speaker, author, humanitarian among others is passionate about empowering men, women, ministries, business leaders and anyone who is desirous of discovering God’s purpose for their lives.  TSM is a movement that is second to none in New England.

My God,
Our Plan.

A book by Dr. Terika Smith that will help you leverage and manage your life well.

Upcoming Events


Leading on purpose 2020

Join us, on January 31st & February 1st, at the Flowing River International Church.