Welcome to Send Me Ministries, a ministry patterned after the compelling surrender of the Prophet Isaiah, where he tells the Lord “here I am, send me.” Send Me Ministries is at the heart of our founder, reflective of her own willingness to leave everything and follow the call to ministry. God has a purpose and a plan for everyone, the question lies in his or her willingness to surrender. Send Me Ministries is open to everyone interested in understanding God’s Plan for their lives and walking therein.

Send Me Institute is a Minister in Training Program that ranges 2-3 years based on the pace of each cohort. Its goal is to prepare men and women, young and mature who are ready to say to the Lord as the Prophet Isaiah did in Isaiah 6:8 “here I am, send me.”

Participation in the TSM Send Me Institute allows participants to move beyond the rote classroom study of God’s word and enter real life application in a variety of ways. Participants engage in internship opportunities as they explore various strands of ministry and draw closer to the call God has on their lives. Participants are provided opportunities to deliver the word in a variety of formats to include but not limited to preaching, teaching, mentoring, and facilitating among others. Participants are encouraged to not limit their exploration to what the program offers but to also consider creative ways to spread the love of Christ.

The Send Me Institute is a program centered on the word of God and does not have denominational boundaries. All participants are welcome.